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Author Topic: Which Game Company/Developer Would Win In A No-Holds Barred Fistfight....what the?!?!  (Read 964 times)

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This is a big imaginary battle going on at next years E3. Feel free to describe what companies are doing to each other, what developers are doing to each other, what mascots are showing up, the incredulousness of it all!

Oh boy, yes folks, its going to quite a night at this years E3! Yes, you are seeing correctly- that IS Yu Suzuki, Peter Moore, and Yuji Naka over there by the Electronic Arts booth- and yeeeeeeeesss, those are cattle prods they are pulverizing the EA executives with.....UUUGGGGHHHHH, what
#$@!, get off m.....Hideo, you bastard?!?!.....AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. S-S-Snake.....? What the fu....??!?!!!!! You\'re not real...you c-ca-n\'t b-be.

(I have to get out of here. Oh my god. MAN, I CAN\'T BELIEVE IT. Snake is after me. What the hell- he\'s not supposed to be real. No time to whine now dammit, have to run. What the hell is going on??????)

(Runs straight into Lara Croft)
Kitu: b-b-bu-
Lara: Umm-Hmm?
Kitu: b-b-bu
Lara: breasts, boobs, YEA, I hear that all the time. Get outtta my way nerd
Kitu: b-but, this can\'t be real
Lara: (in a hushed tone) yea, they\'re real, now scram before I lodge one of these (shows a clip) into your nerdy-geeky face
Kitu: not your chest puppies, you

(Lara takes after.....Kid Icarus...)
(I must be dreaming, but I\'m bleeding, so it has to be real....)
(Somebody is touching my nads!!! What the #$@!!!!!!- Turns around)

Alex Ashford!!!! You %$#@ing drag piece of horse#$@!, MAN, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!! Don\'t look at me like that you imbicile.......

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\"You know back before the war broke out I was a saucier in San Antone. I bet I could collar up some of them greens, yeah, some crawfish out the paddy, yo\'! Ha! I\'m makin\' some crabapples for dessert now, Ya hear! Hell yeah, ha!

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Lay of the drugs.LOL

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are u OK?

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that was some weird ****!!!!

like it or i do it again?
IM BACK. you have a problem with that? get in the back.


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