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Author Topic: Battlefront rant  (Read 3786 times)

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Battlefront rant
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:55:31 PM »
So it's not enough to charge $70 for the game ($80 if you want the deluxe edition) But now they have raised the price from $50 to $70 for the DLC. That is potentially a $150 dollar game. Here is my problem with that. First is the cost. The game is developed in Sweden where a US dollar is worth over 8 1/2 Swedish Krona. So first off EA/Dice is basically using slave labor. Now it's time for packaging. Well finally something gets done in North America. Not in the USA but in Mexico. So Far the game is as American as vodka and Samurai swords. The only part that is American is the price.

Now for my next problem. More for less. No single player because people are not interested in single player. Bullshit, Maybe not everyone is but I am. I justify a game solely on its single player. It is a form of entertainment, of media and for me a form of escape much like a book or movie. Because they don't want to waste the time and resources making a story line doesn't mean I don't want it. To me it means they are people with all the creativity sucked out of them and are forced to do the bidding's of a company that is only after profit. I understand not wanting to play with the star wars story line but they didn't have to. It has already been written.

This generation has with very few exceptions be a generation of money grab. Remake after remake and Indie after indie. Tomb Raider was a game they were giving away on both the 360 and the ps3. Why would the polish a turd and then try to sell it for full price again? DMC? Same . I could go on and on.

I have voiced my opinion here and will continue to voice it will my wallet. BFBC2, One of my favorite games. Bought it day one for full price. Then buy the DLC. A year game comes with DLC for same price as I paid for the game. I write it off as BFBC2 was worth every penny. BF3, All aboard the hype train. Bought the game, Didn't like it, Bought the DLC, didn't like it. under a year later game is released with DLC. BF4, Fuck you EA. I am on to you. Don't buy BF4out of the gate. Wait until it comes on sale. Pay $20 for game and DLC. Don't care for it. Battlefield Hardline. Don't buy it. Won't buy it. Battlefront is also a pass unless I come across a killer deal.

EA has continually put out shittier and shittier games But they are not the only ones. It is like that friend that tries to take as much as they can without ever being there for you. I for one am tired of it.

End rant     


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Re: Battlefront rant
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2016, 03:44:28 PM »
Though I enjoy Battlefront (I bought it for online only so I don't particularly care about lack of single player. I knew they were going to do it), you did touch up on some great points in your rant about this console generation and I can't really disagree with anything you said. Though to be honest, I stopped play Battlefront already because it got stale for me fairly quickly. A single player would have kept me into it, like Battlefront 1 and 2 did back in the day. But I also played BF 1 and 2 mostly online anyway.

But I 100% agree with you about the price of DLC. It's getting off the handle. I get it takes a lot of man hours today to develop a game as opposed to the past. But to justify someone pays 60 for a game and then charge another 60 for the next half of the game is a little ridiculous. I'd pay 20 or 30 dollars for DLC but they are getting a little too greedy today. Destiny: Taken King for example; I didn't even buy it. I'm waiting for it to come down to 20 before I even consider it. But I paid my 60 for the game and 30 for the Season Pass (which I played all of the DLCs and enjoyed). So that's 90 invested in one game that you do the same shit over and over. Then they ask for another 50-60? Fuck you!

BTW, I'm home tonight. Wanna play Battlefront? lol
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