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Author Topic: Think my system has died !!  (Read 3167 times)

Offline Jamesibiza
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Think my system has died !!
« on: December 25, 2016, 09:55:51 AM »
Hey all happy Christmas.
My PS4 will not update stuck on 3.15 and refuses to do it via os or through
Safe mode I get error code SU-30461-4 this comes up in os and in
Safe mode I put the new firmware on a USB to update this time
Same error number but with critical error contact support
So ok change the drive for a new one same error and it won't even
Install the new firmware ok 3 drives later still the same thing
Like wtf put the old drive back in which booted before in to the
Os but now won't comes up with ps logo and says plug in USB with updated
Firmware and switches off

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Re: Think my system has died !!
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2016, 09:59:34 AM »
I'm going to trust you tried a fresh install of the OS on each of the hard drives. I tried scouring lists of known error codes for you and I can't seem to find your code exactly. But some codes are unique to certain firmware updates so your code could be unique to 3.15. Also, it seems any code that begins with "SU" seems to be related to software update issues. I couldn't find anything on 30461 but seems like a lot of people are pulling a code 30641 so the two codes may be similar. I included links below on error information and how people fixed it. The YouTube video is helpful.



Other thoughts why the firmware isn't updating
1) the one you downloaded on your thumb drive may be corrupted, thus corrupting all 3 drives you tried. Delete it from your thumb drive and redownload it and when you install, make sure that's the only thing on the drive. Other files may confuse the console.
2) thumb drive may not be formatted correctly. It needs to be FAT32 according to the YouTube video. Many drives now are formatted NTFS, and I believe thumb drives follow that suit now. FAT32 is an older format that isn't used as much anymore.
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