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Author Topic: PlayStation Turns 25, Top 10 Best-Selling Games on the Console - Sales  (Read 837 times)

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PlayStation Turns 25, Top 10 Best-Selling Games on the Console - Sales

Sony's fifth generation console, the original PlayStation, turns 25 years old today in Japan. It will turn 25 years old in North America on September 9, 2020, and 25 in Europe on September 29, 2020. The home console was on the market from 1994 to 2006.

The PlayStation was the first console to sell 100 million units worldwide, as it sold 102.5 million units lifetime. That makes it the third best-selling console to date, with the PlayStation 2 selling over 157 million units lifetime and the PlayStation 4 selling over 102.5 million units through November 23, 2019.

Sony was recently awarded a Guinness World Record for the PlayStation brand as it is the  "best-selling home video game console brand ever." The original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4 as of November 7 have sold over a combined 450 million units worldwide.

The original PlayStation sold 40.78 million units in North America, 31.09 million units in Europe, 21.59 million units in Japan, and 9.04 million units in the rest of the world.

962.01 million games were sold on the Original PlayStation. One game sold more than 10 million copies on the console, 16 games sold over five million copies, 65 games sold over two million copies, and 209 games sold over one million copies.

The first game in the popular racing series, Gran Turismo, was the best-selling game on the original PlayStation with 10.85 million units sold. Final Fantasy VII was the second best-selling game and best-selling third-party game on the console with 9.90 million units sold.

Gran Turismo 2 ranks third in sales with 9.37 million units sold lifetime, followed by Final Fantasy VIII with 8.60 million units sold. The fighting game, Tekken 3, rounds out the top five with sales of 8.30 million units.

The first three Crash Bandicoot games rank 6th, 7th and 8th on the charts. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back sold 7.58 million units, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped sold 7.13 million units, and Crash Bandicoot sold 6.82 million units.

The action and driving game, Driver, sold 6.27 million units. The stealth game, Metal Gear Solid, rounds out the top 10 with sales of 6.00 million units.


wow.  hard to believe its been 25 years since the original ps1 first launch.  3 of the games that i bought the physical copies of it that made it to the top 10 best selling ps1 games of all time were final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, and metal gear solid.

good to know what were the top 10 selling ps1 games are. :)
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