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Author Topic: Happy Birthday Bobs_Hardware  (Read 159 times)

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Happy Birthday Bobs_Hardware
« on: August 03, 2020, 05:09:30 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday Bobs_Hardware. :hb:

Here is the english version of the song nocturne.  very nice song.  i also added another song here to make it to 2 songs per a birthday.

today, my middle brother took me and my oldest brother to the beach and i got lost at the beach.  my oldest brother couldn't wait for me so he walked to look for me so he can go home early and he also got lost looking for me.  at first my middle brother sit at a picnic table and told us to walk for a while then return back to where he is sitting.  we did and walked to the left side at the top of the beach.  when we got back, my oldest brother wanted to go home, so my middle brother told him to sit with him so i can walked for another while before we leave.  so this time i walked on the right side on top of the beach and about halfway there, i walked down to the shore of the beach because its still hot on top of the beach.

so i walked on the bottom right side of the beach until there is like rocks near the water of the shore of the beach and i walked back to where my middle brother is sitting.  this time, i walked on the bottom of the beach to the left side and i didn't know i walked pasted where my middle brother was sitting which was on top of the beach.  i walked past where he was, from the bottom left side of the beach before i walked up and i couldn't find my brother.  so i kept going left, this time on top of the beach an i still couldn't find my middle brother.  i called my middle brother and he said he was waiting next to train track where the restroom is.  i couldn't find him so i called again, and this time he talked for a little bit and said the battery is dying and then he hanged up.  he probably went to the parking lot to get to his car to charge the battery on his smartphone and then he called me.

we talked for somewhat and he said that i probably went past where he was earlier.  both of us were getting angry because i got lost and because i am dumb.  i didn't believe him when he said i probably went past the left side of the beach of where he was.  so he told me to go right and i did and i finally saw the picnic table and this time i remember there is a monkey bar right next to where the picnic table is.  so i kept going right and turned right to past the train track, and i finally found the parking lot that he was talking about and i finally found my middle brother driving up to pick me up.  so my middle brother was right this time that i went past the left side of where he was and i was wrong.  shows you how bad i am at directions.

i got hungry so i ate the burger and hashbrown that i ordered earlier inside the car.  my middle brother drove around looking for my oldest brother.  when he still couldn't find my oldest brother.  he parked at a spot and i wanted to go with him but i couldn't open the door all the way out because there is a rock blocking it.  so i sit there waiting for my middle brother for a little over half a hour before my middle brother came back.  this time, my middle brother told me he talked to the lifesavers and they are looking for him.  then my middle brother drove to where we entered the beach earlier and park there at the street next to it and went to look for him there.  i noticed 2 sheriffs cars drove by and parked there too and they both went to the beach and i wasn't sure why until like 20 minutes later i assumed they are looking for my oldest brother.

about 25 minutes later, my middle brother came back to the car and told me the lifesavers called the police and they are looking for him.  so my middle brother drove off still looking for him around the block when he received a phone call from one of the sheriffs that they probably found my oldest brother and told him to go to the spot that my middle brother parked earlier to pick him up.  he did and confirmed that its my oldest brother and the sheriff said they found my oldest brother at the main street.  maybe my oldest brother went to the beach and then to the main street looking for us. so they brought our oldest brother back to us and then we thanked the sheriffs and drove home.   we did went to mcdonald and to my aunt's house before we headed home.  sorry for the long story but i am glad that my middle brother found me and the polices found my oldest brother.
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