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Author Topic: Happy Birthday fastson & Luke  (Read 75 times)

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Happy Birthday fastson & Luke
« on: March 30, 2021, 05:42:45 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday fastson & Luke. :hb:

i wish luke a birthday too even though he hasn't visited here for more than 6 years already but since he has the same birthday as fastson.

i think on this song, i prefer the nes version more as it plays higher keys than the snes remastered version.  the remastered has more soothing, better instruments, and better sound quality than the nes version though but it was played at a flatter keys than the nes though i think.  so, overall, i prefer the nes version more.

sorry for the late birthday greetings as i got plenty of sleep today which is very cool and my middle brother took me to 2 different parks today and 2 different mcdonalds too.  on the second mcdonald and park that he took me, he also took my oldest brother along with him which is nice of him.

before the first mcdonald and park that i went i took a dump at home.  after the first mcdonald and park trip.  i came home and took the 2nd dump.  that is pretty much the only bad thing that happened to me today.

btw, how are you two doing and what presents did you two get?  what did you 2 do today?
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