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Author Topic: Life Is Somewhat Good Again - Gym Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna Are Open  (Read 97 times)

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My middle brother and I just got the 2nd dose of covid-19 vaccine this morning and later in the afternoon my brother took me to the gym and i thought only the shower room and swimming pool are open but as i followed my middle brother to the spa room, i noticed the jacuzzi is open and there is one person there using it.  my middle said the steam room is also opens too but limits to 3 people using it for now.  i looked at the steam room on the hallway and it turn out to be the case.  cool.  the sauna room is also open but its probably in maintenance i think so it was temporarily closed for now.

i was quite excited to find out its finally open that i used the steam room first, then jacuzzi next, swimming pool last.  i try swimming in frog like style in the swimming pool and i think i improved a little bit somewhat after over a year of not swimming.  the swimming pool water doesn't feel as cold compare to a year prior which i believe is mostly because i manage to get tuberculosis under control lately that i get less goosebumps now.  the first time swimming in frog like style today, i noticed a slight improvement compare to a year prior but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time, i think i performed a little bit worst than my first try today but its still cool.  after swimming, i went back to the jacuzzi for a little bit before i head to the shower room to shower and brush my teeth there.  then my brother took me to mcdonald for the 3rd time today before we head home.

my middle brother said he heard that the gym steam, sauna, and jacuzzi were open on the 19th which is 2 days ago and i thought it probably opened on the 15 of this month but i didn't know until now but my middle brother might be right, it might be on the 19.  about 10 days prior, my brother took me to the gym but the steam, sauna, and jacuzzi weren't open yet though.

i am happy that the gym spas are open now that i can go to the gym everyday to use it and try to improve on my frog's like swimming style some more.  since i got the 2nd and last vaccination today.  i will wait for like 2 weeks to let the medication works before i practice tae kwon do and other martial arts at the park which is june 4 of this year.  i am quite excited.  life is sure somewhat getting good now. :wav:

now, i am going to go wash dishes before bed time.  my mom washed me some dishes this morning and left some behind and now there are more dishes in the sink.  last night, i didn't get enough sleep though.  i probably got like a total of 5 hours of sleep today but i was so excited that i will do the dishes despite of not having enough sleep today.


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