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Off-Topic / Re: I just bought an OLED TV and just watched Sonic the Movie
« Last post by Paul2 on November 26, 2020, 01:28:11 PM »
its a LG 55" OLED55BXPUA or 55 BX for short.  its original price was $1,600 but was on sale at $1,200 for black friday week deal.  i know the deal is not that big but its affordable to me.  4 years ago, a 55" B6 series cost like $2,500 or around there when it was first released and price drop to $1,800 during black friday.  and that 4k B6 tv is only 4k@60 Hz while this new 4k BX series support native 4k120 and have a price drop down to $1,200 during the week of black friday.  Not only that but its have 2 HDMIs 2.1 input connections that support 4K120 and 2 HDMIs 2.0 input connections that only support up to 4k60.

if you have a target red card member, you get an additional 5% off on anything you buy at target that means this tv only cost only $1,140 after 5% discount and before taxes.  speaking about black friday, Vizio is dropping the 55" OLED TV down $900 from the original cost of $1,300.  That is much more affordable than LG  55" BX and another $400 savings buts its not available at target though so if you are interested, you can get it at bestbuy.  Here is a link to it:

the vizio oled color, overall brightness, and processor might not be as good as lg oled but its $300 cheaper than lg bx model.  not only that but like lg, these vizio oled tvs support native 4k120 sources and have 4k120 hdmi 2.1 connections.  not sure if vizio all 4 hdmi connections support hdmi 2.1 which support 4k120 or only 2 of them support 4k120 like how lg bx model is though.

neither these lg and vizio models have component video inputs though but only composite video inputs.  4 days ago, when i first got this lg tv, i didn't know it doesn't come with composite video adapter that i checked my bed, then the trash can that my brother threw some of the styrofoam protectors in on the backyard, and i even checked the backseats in the car and the trunk but i couldn't find the composite video adapter.  i thought maybe my middle brother accidently dropped it at target's parking lot.  then i look at the instructions paper more thoroughly and i realize the picture of the composite video adapter has dash dotted lines square around it and i looked at the writing probably down below the paper and it said analog composite video adapter sold seperately.  smart move lg did there, they want to make a bit more money out of consumers who wanted to connect analog composite 480i sources, they have to buy it seperatedly.  so if you are planning on hooking up retro console to these tv via component connections, you are out of luck.  i might buy the seperate composite adaptor to hook up either my snes system or my vcr in the nearby future though.

oh, one last thing.  my brother bought a lot of movies at bestbuy and a few at target since they are on sale for the week of black friday and the sonic 4k blu ray movie he bought was only $10 at bestbuy and the original cost of it was $30 before black friday week sale.  that is like 3 times the saving there i think if my math is correct.  and the regular 1080p blu ray version of it was $8 compare to original price of $20 before black friday week.  so if you are interested, you can check them out here on the links below:

4k bluray with hdr and wcg:

2k blu ray:

my brother bought them on monday after he saw i bought the oled tv that cost the cheapest on sunday.
Off-Topic / Re: I just bought an OLED TV and just watched Sonic the Movie
« Last post by Titan on November 26, 2020, 09:13:20 AM »
What model TV is it? And does it have component?

I haven't seen Sonic yet but your experience is what others have said about it, that it's really good. I gotta watch it but just keep forgetting about it.
Off-Topic / I just bought an OLED TV and just watched Sonic the Movie
« Last post by Paul2 on November 26, 2020, 08:29:50 AM »
4 days ago my brother just bought me an 55" 4K OLED TV for black friday sale and overall i love the picture quality of it so far.  before i went to target to buy this tv, i checked online and it said this tv is available in tustin, orange.  so my brother drove me there, and the guy there said they don't have any in stocks and said the one in santa ana does have one or some in stocks or something like that and we went to santa ana and the employee there checked the backroom and said they don't carry that model there and she checked on this scanner machine and said there are 2 in stocks in tustin, orange.  so that led me to believe the guy in tustin, orange was lying making us go to santa ana.

she made a called to tustin, orange and i am not sure what they said but eventually, she said there are like some available in costa mesa and my brother told her to tell the costa mesa guy to put on hold the tv for us so it won't be sold out when we got there.  i was somewhat upset that the tustin, orange guy tricked us into going to santa ana.  my brother made 3 trips to 3 different targets.  at least, he could have lied and said none are available in tustin, orange but there are some available in costa mesa so my brother would only made 2 trips instead of 3.  so, we finally bought one in costa mesa but the tv box doesn't fit inside the car, so my brother tear opened up the box and put the tv in the backseat and it fits there but he tried to put he styrofoam covers in the trunk but it doens't fit because he had some big bags of empty plastic water bottles in the trunk that he hasn't sold it to recycle yet so he put the bags in the backseat on top of the tv screen.  i was frustrated because of that because i was worry it might scratch the screen.   luckily, there is a wrapper and a cover on the tv screen though which protects it from getting scratch. after that, he went to this recycling place to recycle the bottles and near it is the super market he was going to go to.

when we got home, i check the screen and there are no scratch marks on the tv and it looks pristine so i am very happy about that.  there are some upsetting and frustration moments on that day buying a new tv.  next time, i learned by experience to buy big screen tv online and let them delivery it to us since big screen tv don't fit in the trunk or the backseat of the car though.  i am not sure if the delivery is free though or not on this tv that we bought.  but its better than drive by pick-up, especially if its free delivery.

what i like about this tv is the picture can get very bright and the color is pretty good too.  the speakers on this tv sounds pretty good too.

last night, i just watched sonic the movie and i have like low to moderate expectation of it before watching it and the story way exceeds my expectation after watching it.  i have trouble concentrating when watching it so like 40% of the time, i didn't paying attention to what the dialogue people were saying in the movie but i did catch some jokes in the movie and i love the jokes.  it makes me laugh several times and feel very good.  the whole story is very good too.  its been like 6 years where i rarely watch movies part of it because of depression and i hope i watch movies and play video games more often now.  this past 4 days, i didn't get enough sleep because of enjoying the new tv and part of it because of the drugs but hopefully i oversleep today and sleep enough onward to make up the not enough sleep i get in this past 4 days.

i would give this movie a 9 out of 10 for the score.  before watching it, my expectation of it like were like a 6 or a 7 out of 10 but its far exceed my expectation after watching it.  *spoiler*  i didn't get near the ending part of the movie where sonic got hit by the missile but he survived that so i don't get how is that possible but i guess because i have trouble concentrating watching the movie 40% of the time so i might have miss out on something *spoiler ends*.  because i didn't get that part, i would have give it an 8.9/10 instead of 9/10 but i can overlook that, beside i might have miss out on something.

so i just wonder if any of you guys watched this movie yet and if you did what do you think of it?
Off-Topic / Re: New avatar
« Last post by Paul2 on November 24, 2020, 07:34:19 PM »
looks all right.  kind of funky i think.  i mean that in a good way.
Off-Topic / Re: New avatar
« Last post by Titan on November 24, 2020, 02:20:27 PM »
So retro.
Off-Topic / New avatar
« Last post by Jumpman on November 24, 2020, 10:55:51 AM »
What do ya think?

It's Sawyer from Lost.
Off-Topic / Re: Covid19, Trump scandals, PSX5 Central???
« Last post by Paul2 on November 24, 2020, 06:41:46 AM »
awww jumpman, what a nice thing to see.  appreciate it man.
Off-Topic / Re: Covid19, Trump scandals, PSX5 Central???
« Last post by Jumpman on November 23, 2020, 03:51:35 PM »
Whaddup pimp. Good to see a familiar face.

I still check in every 2 weeks or so

I'll never leave Paul and Titan alone.
Off-Topic / Re: Covid19, Trump scandals, PSX5 Central???
« Last post by Titan on November 23, 2020, 09:27:00 AM »
Wow! I haven't been here in a while. Lot of things happened since my last visit here:

Pandemic just completely ruined everyone's plans. Hope none of you guys ended up in the worst way.

Trump thought he could be king or emperor. I fired his ass and replaced him with Biden and Harris.

PSX4 Central is now PS5? HA! No wonder I couldn't find you guys.

PS5 is sold out, duh, just like PS4 was for the first 3 months. I should have one by February when all this craziness is over.

Welcome back!

I got furloughed in April then laid off in August. I haven't had much luck in the job department and trying to refigure out my life. I'm thinking of pursuing carpentry.

Ha! Yeah. I voted him out too. Not that I'm crazy about Biden but I'd rather take the crypt keeper than the orange buffoon any day.

PSX4Central didn't redirect you? I set up redirects and worked extensively with the host to make sure that happened. Weird.

I'm planning on getting one in like March or April. Hopefully I have a job by then but I do have a lot in savings so worst case I'll dip in my savings for it. Just a shame I won't be able to get the 4K TV like I hoped for. But I'd rather have the PS5 right now. Had I not gotten laid off, I probably would have tried to get one at launch. Good thing I didn't because the launch has been......rocky lol. I can wait for a PS5 though. Since I lost my job I've been doing some game collecting. My collection has grown a lot. Since April, I got an Xbox, Xbox 360, Dreamcast and a friend gave me an N64 for free which I repaired.

I've been playing PS2 more lately. Been playing God of War and ATV Off Road Fury 2. It's cool too because I have 2 PS2s hooked up. My fat PS2 has been broken for like 15 years (disc read error on blue disks since like 2003. The laser totally gave out in like 2006 or 7. Got a slim to replace it). I've kinda just kept it around as a display piece. With all this free time I have now, I bought a new laser and replaced it and it works flawlessly now. I hooked the fat to my HDTV and my silver slim to my tube TV. So games that can do 480p I play on my HDTV and games that only do 480i I play on the tube. I also have both hooked up to the internet so games that have private servers I play online (usually just Battlefront 1 and 2).
Off-Topic / Re: Forum is gonna look a bit different for a while
« Last post by Titan on November 23, 2020, 09:07:43 AM »
Update those bookmarks lol. Plus, I'm pretty sure you've been here when it was PSX4Central. I have a redirect now. But yeah. I got laid off like 7 months ago and redesigned the site. You can also switch between light and dark themes which is cool. There's a button below the banner.

I've always hated that it kicks you out of the thread. But that's how the forum software works. I don't know of a workaround.
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