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Off-Topic / Re: Life Is Somewhat Good Again - Gym Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna Are Open
« Last post by Paul2 on Yesterday at 11:51:38 PM »
glad to hear things are going good to very good for you when it comes to job and other stuffs that you did.

yesterday is my first day practicing mixed martial arts again after i let my left big toe on my right foot healed for 11 days.

around noon time was when i went to the park and practice martial arts there.  luckily i didn't injury myself practicing it.  about half way practicing it, i got thirsty so i walked to mcdonald to buy coffee there and drink as i walked back to the park to finish practicing the remaining martial arts moves there.  like a couple of moves, i improve a little bit compare to 11 days to 12 days prior.  while some moves, i either didn't improve much or at all or i performed worst than 11 to 12 days prior.  like one of the last moves that i did which is doing front flip with hands that i performed worst than 12 days prior where i did somewhat better.  i think my spine is croaked to the right side from sleeping too much on the right side make my body croaked to the right side as i did the front flip with hands touching the ground.  and yesterday i can barely lift up my body as i did the front flip.  the last time i did that which is probably the 7th time that day, i improve a tiny weenie bit than the first 6 times.

it does make me appreciate pretty much any martial art moves that i practice and improve upon where i performed worst than days or years prior.  otherwise, if i got good at it easily with little to no practice.  very likely chances are, i wouldn't appreciate those moves as i thought they are easy moves to make until its become hard for me and i did worst than priors which make me appreciate pretty much any martial moves no matter how easy for me to learned it at first.  it might be easy for me on some moves but hard for others.  until those moves become hard for me, it make me appreciate those moves more and be understanding on why some people couldn't do it easily.

like the front flip that i did where i performed much worst than 12 days prior.  especially over 8 years ago, in april 4, 2013 where i did the front flip successfully with my body flip straight instead of croaked to the right side after of not practicing it for over 13 years prior.  after that day of april 4th, 2013, i couldn't do the front flip straight anymore.  i hope that one day i could do it straight but i think i probably need find a way for me to sleep on my back and left side more instead of sleeping mostly on the right side.  but i have a feeling that is like wishful thinking to me as the left side of my head is badly injured that i don't know how to make it possible for me to sleep on my left side more and eventually on my back.

one last thing i like to mention is that my left butt cheek pain is mostly gone by now after 11 days of not practicing martial arts and letting it heal.  yesterday, i ran and jumped as i practice martial arts with little to no pain on my left butt cheek hip.  let see if the pain come back or go away completely or nearly completely today around noon or around afternoon as i practice some more martial arts at the park today.

i been practicing martial arts from jumping and from walking too much yesterday that my left leg ache somewhat that i couldn't wash dishes last night that i plan on washing it today later in the morning or so before my middle brother take me to the gym or if he couldn't take me to the gym in the morning and he went by himself, i could wash dishes later in the morning and go to the park by myself to practice martial arts afterward.

sorry for this long story but yesterday was a pretty good day for me overall.  hopefully today and in the future i have lots of good days instead of bad days.  the more, the merrier.
Off-Topic / Re: Life Is Somewhat Good Again - Gym Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna Are Open
« Last post by Titan on June 22, 2021, 07:21:49 PM »
Sounds like you're getting out there and not having cabin fever anymore!

To answer your questions, yes I got vaccinated in April and May (first and second shot respectively). All I had was a sore arm both times which is expected with really any vaccine you get. Otherwise I had zero symptoms. Aside from my parents, I know no one who had no symptoms. All my friends are in their late 20s and 30s and every one had side effects. Some pretty bad where they were out for the day. I went to work lol.

They're going good. I've been keeping myself very busy which is why I have been MIA unfortunately. I'm still working part time as a carpenter which is going well. I'm learning a lot and enjoying the work. Beats sitting at a desk all day. After a little more experience I'm gonna try to get a job at a construction company or try and get into the carpenters union. Otherwise I've been working on my video game side hustle. I just got a stack of PS2/PS3 and Wii games I'm trying to get listed. There's a lot lol. Also fixing consoles. I have a huge stack of things I'm trying to get fixed and listed. Been also occupying my time building my game collection. I just bought my 300th console game lol. I also just started Twitch streaming too. When I get more comfortable with it, I'll share the link here. Just waiting for some equipment to arrive and get my Twitch legs more before I go full on public with it.
Off-Topic / Re: Life Is Somewhat Good Again - Gym Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna Are Open
« Last post by Paul2 on June 15, 2021, 06:10:34 PM »
the vaccines i got are pfizer vaccines. on the first dose, my left arm got weak about a day later after i got vaccinated.  it last for like maybe 1 day before my left arm regain strength if i remember correctly.  my first vaccination was on april 28 and my 2nd vaccination was on may 21.  i got like a mild flu-like symptom later that night on the day i had my 2nd vaccination.  it also lasted for a day before it go away like completely iirc.

how about you titan, did you get vaccinated yet and if you did.  did you have any side effects?

several days later after the 2nd vaccination and going to the gym, my middle brother also took my oldest brother and me to this college track and field which are open so we can have some exercise.  my middle brother jogs on this track and field while i just walk to get some exercise.  sometimes before heading to track and field, my middle brother took us to mcdonald to buy drink and i walk around track and field and drink at the same time as i listen to musics on my cellphone with blue tooth headphones on.  sometimes he bought drinks after track and field and i drink it in the car as he drove me to the gym.  my oldest brother went to track and field for a couple of times and he gotten tired of it that he don't want to go anymore so only my middle brother and i go.

on the night of may 31, around 8 p.m.ish before gym is close, my brother took me to the gym so we can use the spa and i can also use the swimming pool too.  my brother took me to the gym late because in the morning of that day, he drove me and my oldest brother to outlet to go shopping and its like 2 hours drive far away outlets.  so that night as i was swimming in the pool, i paid attention to one of the gym members who was using a pound or however you say it.  its like a live-saver floating thing that float on top of the water.  he was using it to practice his frog like style swimming and i copied him to use it so i can improve on my frog like style swimming.  especially my legs swimming like a frog like style.  after like 4 to 5 days of using the pound to practice, i can swim in frog like style without the need to paddle my feet after each time i bend my knees, stroking my legs swimming in frog like style.  so, my frog like style improves.  i was happy.

on june 4, my middle brother drove me to the park after he took me to college for track and field and after the gym.  i asked him to take me to the park so i can practice martial arts there like tae-kwon-do and other martial arts.  the first night i performed mostly worst than over a year ago after of not practicing it for over a year.  i did had fun but i was kind of disappointed.  the 2nd day iirc, i didn't go to the park because it was late and around 8 p.m.ish when i decided to go home instead of going to the park after the track and field and the gym so my middle brother drove me home.  on the 3rd day, i think overall, i improve a tiny winnie bit with my martial art compares to my first night.  and i mostly improve a tiny winnie bit after each day.  on the 8th day and 8 times practicing martial arts, i think i performed mostly worst than the day and days prior.  i did have fun though and thoroughly enjoy it despite performing worst than before.

nearly half way practicing martial art, i checked my left big toe on my right foot and i notice its bleeding a little so i stop immediately and went home and use ointment and bandage it.  the very, very mild injuried was probably cause from stepping something sharp on the grass and i think its probably a bark of the tree or something like that 8 days prior on the first night i practice martial art which is june 4th.  i thought it wasn't a big deal that first night and i didn't think much of it and even if i think about it, i thought it healed up already but boy was i so dumb and wrong.  no wonder i kept getting a very mild pain on my left big toe on my right foot in those 8 days as i practice martial arts.

so june 12 was my last day practicing martial art at the park and i will wait till it heal up completely before practicing it some more.  i think i wait till june 23 which is 11 days of letting it heal to make sure it heal up completely by then before i practice some more martial arts.  oh yeah, my oldest brother also injuried my left butt cheek as he opened the back seat car door as i walked out the front seat car door passenger's seat and the door he opened pressed against my left butt cheek that it ached.  that was on late april.  on late may, the pain mostly went away until the 2nd time i practice martial arts again which is june 6 is where the pain comes back but i ignored it as most moves i did didn't really hurt my left butt cheek.  the pain only really comes back a lot is when i tried to run and then jump or run and then do the jump kicks move.  so hoping june 23 is where all the injuries are gone before i practice martial arts like daily at the park.

sorry for this very long story.  how about you titan, how are your days going and how was your job going?
Off-Topic / Re: Life Is Somewhat Good Again - Gym Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna Are Open
« Last post by Titan on June 15, 2021, 07:24:21 AM »
Glad things are opening up again for you and it's improving your mental health! My state just opened everything up on Memorial Day. Most people are still wearing masks even though it's not mandated anymore. My theory is because my state got so decimated by the virus it's still very much fresh in peoples minds.

What vaccine did you get? Any side effects?
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday Ryu
« Last post by Paul2 on June 10, 2021, 07:40:02 AM »

:hb: Happy Birthday Ryu. :hb:

on this song, as usual, the nes plays in wider range while the snes remastered version has better and soothing instrumentations.  overall, i like the snes remastered version more.
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday JBean
« Last post by Paul2 on June 09, 2021, 08:20:45 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday JBean. :hb:

on this song, as usual, the nes version plays in wider keys than the snes remastered version.  some instrumentations on this song, i think the snes are better while other instrumentations, the nes version is better in my opinion.

i think overall, i like the snes versions more as it had more soothing instrumentations than the nes version despite being flatter than the nes.
Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday Kurt Angle
« Last post by Paul2 on June 03, 2021, 04:39:43 PM »
lol.  me gets embarrassed.  i can be not smart sometimes. :laughing:
Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday Kurt Angle
« Last post by Kurt Angle on June 03, 2021, 02:13:59 PM »
4 birthday cards is what I meant  :laughing:
Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday Kurt Angle
« Last post by Paul2 on June 03, 2021, 11:20:43 AM »
forgive me that english is my 2nd language.  what did you mean when you say you got about 4 cards?  is it like playing cards?
Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday Kurt Angle
« Last post by Kurt Angle on June 03, 2021, 02:07:33 AM »
Thanks Paul I knew I could rely on you for a birthday thread!  :p
Just a quiet birthday for me as usual. I did get about 4 cards and my parents bought me a new electric razor. Thats it really  :laughing:
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