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Title: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Release Date and Price Revealed
Post by: Paul2 on September 10, 2020, 03:31:04 AM
The entry-level next-generation console from Microsoft, the Xbox Series S, was leaked earlier with the design and the estimated launch price of $299 by BWW Media Group Brad Sams and was confirmed by Senior video game analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad.

More information on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X has been leaked via sources who spoke with Windows Central.

The Xbox Series S will be priced at $299 at retail, while the Xbox Series X will launch at $499. The two consoles will have a monthly financial plan called Xbox All Access as well that will be pushed by retailers worldwide. The Xbox Series S will be $25 per month via Xbox All Access and the Xbox Series X will be $35 per month.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will both launch on November 10, 2020, according to the sources.

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That is cool that the xbox series X cost $499.99.  $100 cheaper than what ign predicted would cost like about half a year ago.

the newly announced series S is even cheaper at only $299.99.  very nice.  funny that some commentators in that link said that "The Series X looks like an old mono radio." lol :laughing:

he/she probably meant the Series S looks like an mono radio.  Another commentator said it looks like a subwoofer.  lol too. :laughing:
Title: Re: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Release Date and Price Revealed
Post by: Titan on September 10, 2020, 10:47:40 AM
It looks like a speaker. Hot plate if it's flat lol. Some have said it looks like a drive thru ordering speaker. Honestly, I think it looks dumb but whatever. As long as it doesn't overheat, who cares. I also am wondering how good it will do. It does 4 terraflops instead of 12 and is stripped down compared to the X. I've also read it's closer in specs to current gen than next gen. So do developers have to make a game for both systems? Will they get to a point where they say fuck it, it's not worth it and only develop for Series X or go to Sony because they have a synergized offering? I dunno. Price to value, it doesn't seem worth it. If I'm spending cash on a next gen console, I'm spending the extra for the full experience. I'm very confused by this direction. But I guess they're market for this is just the casual gamers who play shit like Minecraft and Xbox Arcade games I guess. Any core gamer wants the full shebang and 4K 60FPS glory.
Title: Re: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Release Date and Price Revealed
Post by: Paul2 on September 10, 2020, 01:39:47 PM
lol on the drive thru ordering speaker. :laughing:
Title: Re: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Release Date and Price Revealed
Post by: Titan on September 11, 2020, 07:50:25 AM
Oh. And the other concern I have regarding the Series S and why I think it may flop is just the value of it. It comes with 512 GB of storage. That's not a lot even by this generations standards. And with games next gen expecting to have some pretty hefty install sizes (hell, Last of Us 2 was over 100 GBs in itself!), 512 won't get you that far. Neither will the 1TB in the Series X and PS5. But here's the kicker. On Microsoft's consoles, you can expand the storage. However, you have to use a proprietary expansion SSD made by Seagate. 1TB Xbox expansion costs over 200 dollars! And you have to use it! You can't use an external except for storage apparently. You can't run the games off of off the shelf externals. As far as I know, you can expand the PS5's storage with off the shelf M.2 SSDs, following the cadence of past generations (my PS3 and PS4 have been upgraded. And it took me about 5 minutes to do on each. Super simple); and apparently it has an expansion bay. So that 299 Xbox Series S that people save money on buying will likely cost them over 500 dollars to make it usable. I'd imagine most people who buy one will be out of space within a year. At that point, if they buy the expansion memory, they're already over the cost of the Series X and PS5. I dunno. I think a lot of people are gonna be pissed about their Series S long term because they aren't thinking about this kind of stuff.

Don't get me wrong. I love Microsoft's consoles. I adore my Xbox and Xbox 360. In fact, I think the Xbox was the better console of that generation, now that I own one and experience it. I love how the Xbox does 480p right out of the gate as opposed to PS2's 480i natively and 480p game specific. My Xbox looks amazing on my HDTV. My PS2? If a game doesn't do 480p, it looks like a pile of shit. But I've always hated how Microsoft doesn't allow for upgradability. The Xbox, if your hard drive goes, you have to hack the console just to get a new hard drive to work. And the hard drives in there are just ATA hard drives. The 360? Not all of them had drives. But if you had an Elite or newer consoles that had a bay, upgrading is not as simple as far as I know. On my Elite, it's a module you have to buy as a unit; granted it is easily opened and you can put in as big of a drive as you want. Granted, on the 360, I believe you can use an external to run games off of, it looks sloppy in a setup IMO.