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Title: Happy Birthday ooseven
Post by: Paul2 on February 19, 2021, 02:05:01 AM

:hb: Happy Birthday ooseven. :hb:

as usual, the first song is the nes version of the ending theme while the 2nd song is the snes remastered version of it.  i think the nes version has wider range of keys being hit while the snes version has a much better instrumentation.  overall, i like the snes remastered version more.  has better sound quality and soothing sound too.

added:  i just noticed the snes remastered version added the extra melodies that weren't found on the original nes version.  at 18 to 28 seconds of the remastered version and at 56 second to 1:05 minutes of the song, it has extra melodies that the nes doesn't have which make is sweet, better, less repetitive, and lengthier.  cool. B)  didn't know that until now.