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Title: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
Post by: Paul2 on April 04, 2021, 04:20:37 PM

:hb: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e). :hb:

so what did you do and get on your birthday?  how are you doing?

i wish (e) a happy birthday too since he has the same birthday as you even though hasn't been here for more than 6 years already.

on this song, i thought the instrumentations, musical arrangements, and choreography are great while the singing is just like above average.  in my opinion, the singer's voice is a bit too flat.  i think her type of voice needs to have wider range to sound good to very good singing this song though but her voice is somewhat flat though.  but overall still a great song despite the voice isn't quite there.

sorry for the kind of late birthdays greeting as i was cleaning up the backyard, front yard, and the stairs this morning that i didn't have the time to greet you a happy birthday until now.  my middle brother took me to mcdonalds several times today because of the good coupon deals and we just got back from the gym.  the steam, sauna, and jacuzzi are still close while maybe the swimming pool is open though but i didn't bother go swimming.  so my middle brother and me went to the shower room to shower up before we went to mcdonald one last time before we went home which is just now.
Title: Re: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
Post by: GmanJoe on April 05, 2021, 01:57:04 PM
Thanks Paul! I celebrated with friends at a rental vacation home in the mountains for the weekend.
Title: Re: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
Post by: Paul2 on April 05, 2021, 06:12:34 PM
cool.  thank you for chiming in.