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Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
« Last post by Paul2 on April 05, 2021, 06:12:34 PM »
cool.  thank you for chiming in.
Happy Birthday board / Re: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
« Last post by GmanJoe on April 05, 2021, 01:57:04 PM »
Thanks Paul! I celebrated with friends at a rental vacation home in the mountains for the weekend.
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e)
« Last post by Paul2 on April 04, 2021, 04:20:37 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday GmanJoe & (e). :hb:

so what did you do and get on your birthday?  how are you doing?

i wish (e) a happy birthday too since he has the same birthday as you even though hasn't been here for more than 6 years already.

on this song, i thought the instrumentations, musical arrangements, and choreography are great while the singing is just like above average.  in my opinion, the singer's voice is a bit too flat.  i think her type of voice needs to have wider range to sound good to very good singing this song though but her voice is somewhat flat though.  but overall still a great song despite the voice isn't quite there.

sorry for the kind of late birthdays greeting as i was cleaning up the backyard, front yard, and the stairs this morning that i didn't have the time to greet you a happy birthday until now.  my middle brother took me to mcdonalds several times today because of the good coupon deals and we just got back from the gym.  the steam, sauna, and jacuzzi are still close while maybe the swimming pool is open though but i didn't bother go swimming.  so my middle brother and me went to the shower room to shower up before we went to mcdonald one last time before we went home which is just now.
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Paul2 on March 30, 2021, 07:47:59 PM »
you are allow to practice martial arts in the park.  you are also allow to walk in the park too since the lockdown last march.  but i don't want to practice martial arts at the park because i am afraid i might get infected with corona virus especially if i practice the front flip where i hands touch the grass ground when i do the front flip.  i am afraid i might get corona virus spread to my hands and i might accidently rub my head and face with it and i might get sick.

other martial arts moves don't require me to touch the grass with my hands but i still feel uncomfortable doing it yet because of covid-19.  for about a year, i been walking around the park everyday or almost everyday as exercise but i haven't bother practicing martial arts yet until the disease is in the clear.
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Titan on March 30, 2021, 07:08:46 PM »
Wait. So you can't practice martial arts in the park? Is California that in lockdown that you aren't allowed in parks? In my state, we've been allowed in parks since like June or July. And our governor got quite strict for a while.
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday fastson & Luke
« Last post by Paul2 on March 30, 2021, 05:42:45 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday fastson & Luke. :hb:

i wish luke a birthday too even though he hasn't visited here for more than 6 years already but since he has the same birthday as fastson.

i think on this song, i prefer the nes version more as it plays higher keys than the snes remastered version.  the remastered has more soothing, better instruments, and better sound quality than the nes version though but it was played at a flatter keys than the nes though i think.  so, overall, i prefer the nes version more.

sorry for the late birthday greetings as i got plenty of sleep today which is very cool and my middle brother took me to 2 different parks today and 2 different mcdonalds too.  on the second mcdonald and park that he took me, he also took my oldest brother along with him which is nice of him.

before the first mcdonald and park that i went i took a dump at home.  after the first mcdonald and park trip.  i came home and took the 2nd dump.  that is pretty much the only bad thing that happened to me today.

btw, how are you two doing and what presents did you two get?  what did you 2 do today?
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Paul2 on March 25, 2021, 08:22:01 PM »
yeah.  i love musics too.  its just that i spend way too much time listening to musics every day that i got sick and tired of it.  many of the times, i lost interest in movies and videogames that it might takes me months to watch a movie and the same can be said about videogames too.  i lost interest in it that it might take me months to get back interest to play videogames again.  while musics, i listen to it everyday for hours and hours that it made me wish i could do something else different to not get sick and tired of it.

i love tae-kwon-do and other martial arts that i wish i could practice it at the park but because of corona virus, i haven't practicing it at all for a little over a year now that it made me wish i could practice it again.  i am just waiting for the day when they ease the restrictions of the lockdown more before i practice it at the park.  practicing martial arts at the park is a good exercise, so is swimming at the gym for me.

learning to play a new instrument is not for me though.  but thank you for the nice suggestion.  nearly 8 years ago, i bought a guitar and learned to play it but it gets harder and harder as i progress that i stop playing it.  half of my head is injured that i have trouble concentrating to practice it.  then my 2nd music teacher dropped my guitar that the strings are broken and sound weird and when i did get it fix, the strings are so sharp that it hurt my left hand fingers that i stop learning or playing on the guitar anymore.  that was like 7 years ago when my 2nd music teacher dropped my guitar.  probably like months to like a year later or so, i completely forgotten on how to read the notes on the music sheets that i don't know which note to strum this note or that note on the guitar.   i didn't miss it at all though on playing on the guitar or forgotten on how to read the notes.

while practicing tae kwon do or other martial arts or swimming is in my blood.  i love practicing it and i still not good at tae kwon do or other martial arts but i have fun practicing it and who knows, if i am lucky i might get good at it one day.  like the saying goes, practice makes perfect.  same with swimming, nearly 2 months before the lockdown of last year, i finally get decent at swimming in frog like style at the gym after not practicing it for a year or two that it made me happy that my swimming in frog style has improved.  so now i am struggling to patiently wait until they ease the restrictions some more so i can do the spas and swimming at the gym.  and practice martial arts at the park.
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Titan on March 25, 2021, 07:05:08 PM »
I could be feeling better because of the meds. I dunno. I'll find out when I'm off them lol. If my doctor takes me off them. Either way, even before and definitely after, I did have my bouts and I do get depressed from time to time. Sometimes it was so bad I didn't want to do things I liked like video games and whatnot or even get out of bed. But with the meds I'm on? Is my upbeatness lately because I'm feeling more productive or because of the meds? Again, I'll find out when I'm off them.

Nothing's stopping you from doing both. If you feel like watching movies one day, do that. If you feel like playing video games, do that. And there's nothing wrong with listening to music. Music has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life. It's amazing the power it has. If you really like music, perhaps pick up an instrument that interests you. Learn how to play. Back in college I used to play my guitar (poorly) and write lyrics and it was a great outlet for me at that time.Just some suggestions :) Part of this whole corona thing (at least for me) was rediscovering myself. I lost my job and needed to shift my focus elsewhere otherwise I probably would have gone insane. And I do have a good woman who helped me through it :)
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Paul2 on March 25, 2021, 03:36:11 PM »
yeah, the picture where you took with your cat.  good to know you are not depress then and even better that you are mostly off depression in this past couple months.  hopefully you are off depression completely from now on and never experience depression again.

thank you for the kind words and good suggestions.  my depression comes and goes too this past 6 years of my life and it make me lost interests in many things like watching movies and playing videogames.  like rarely to seldom do i watch new movies or play videogames.  i wish i could do both to occupy my time during these lockdown time.  luckily, the only interest i have left during depression is listening to musics so i listen to musics way too much every day and there are moments where it make me feel sick and tired of listening to too many musics that i want to do something else like watching new movies or play video games or at least go to the gym and do the spas and swim.  but i count my blessings.  it could have been way worst though.
Off-Topic / Re: Got a new job!
« Last post by Titan on March 25, 2021, 12:27:12 PM »
surprise to know that you are taking anti-depressant.  i couldn't tell that you are depress from some of the videos that you posted.  you look normal in the videos.  but i did kind of tell you look sad in one of the pictures that you posted a few years ago.  one of the pics that you posted has a cat in it and you look sad in that pic.

The picture where I'm with my cat and I'm looking off camera? I shot it like that lol. I wasn't depressed then. As for the YouTube, people with depression do tend to hide it well. Even at my worst, in social situations you would never guess with how outgoing I can be. Before it went full blown because of what's been going on, my depression kind of came and went in waves. My girlfriend thinks it tends to be situational which is normal. Last couple months, I've been pretty good.

Hang in there Paul. You've come a year so far. Just gotta try to go a little longer. What helped me was occupying my mind with game collecting and console repair....which unfortunately is having an adverse effect of the amount of usable space in my house lol. You don't have to do that obviously but something you enjoy to occupy your mind and keep it off the loneliness.
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