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Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday kopking
« Last post by Paul2 on March 01, 2021, 12:38:54 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday kopking. :hb:

i couldn't find the last couple seconds of the song hurry up theme for the remastered snes all-stars smb1 version so i just post the song without the last couple seconds of it where it have the main area theme of it speed up on the original nes version i think.  maybe it doesn't have it on the snes version.  probably it doesn't need it either i guess.

anyway, how are you doing kopking?  what did you do and get on your birthday?

added:  i forgot to mention about the sound comparison.  in this song, it seems like the snes hit higher keys than the nes version which makes it sound better than the nes version.  not only that but the snes has better instrumentations and sound quality too.
PS5 Discussion / Re: PS5 teardown video
« Last post by Titan on February 22, 2021, 07:12:49 AM »
I will buy PS5 together with Ratchet on Jun 11.      What about you guys ?

I cashed my birthday and Christmas checks and some cash I made from console repairs and have it stashed in a safe space. It's pretty much enough for a PS5. I'm just waiting for stock to come back and I'm getting it. Fingers crossed March or April! Gonna annoy my girlfriend though because she's been hoping I buy a ring lol. Which is also in the cards :)

I do need to make space in my TV console though. I custom built one during the summer and with my out of control collecting since, I'm pretty much already out of space lol. I may get some vertical stands for my PS2, PS3 and PS4 and put them in a row. That'll look pretty cool.
PS5 Discussion / Re: PS5 teardown video
« Last post by Paul2 on February 20, 2021, 10:22:24 PM »
welcome back BizioEE.  i made a birthday thread for you a couple months ago.  hope that you can visit it ane chime in.

i probably won't get a ps5 until maybe final fantasy remake will be remastered in ps5 and or the 2nd and 3rd part of the game also be released in ps5 version.  2nd of all, i won't get a ps5 until its get cheaper too.  $500 with 4k blu-ray drive supports is still kind of expensive to me.  maybe by the time ff7 remake be remastered in ps5 graphic and/or also sold in ps5 version, the ps5 might have a price drop down to $300 and that is more reasonable price for me to pay.  beside, i lost most interest in videogames since summer of 2002 that i seldom play videogames and lately its also because of depression too.  so i don't mind waiting for several more years before i decide to get a ps5.  i still have a lot of games that i own that i need to catch up to and i haven't play or did play a little of the games that i bought but didn't finish.
I'm also waiting for a Next Gen upgrade of The Last of Us Part II.     

 But yeah, BC is quiet good on PS5, and many games really deserve to be played again, such as God of War, TLOU, Days Gone, Ghost Of Tsushima, etc etc etc
PS5 Discussion / Re: PS5 teardown video
« Last post by BizioEE on February 20, 2021, 12:22:55 PM »
I will buy PS5 together with Ratchet on Jun 11.      What about you guys ?
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday ooseven
« Last post by Paul2 on February 19, 2021, 02:05:01 AM »

:hb: Happy Birthday ooseven. :hb:

as usual, the first song is the nes version of the ending theme while the 2nd song is the snes remastered version of it.  i think the nes version has wider range of keys being hit while the snes version has a much better instrumentation.  overall, i like the snes remastered version more.  has better sound quality and soothing sound too.

added:  i just noticed the snes remastered version added the extra melodies that weren't found on the original nes version.  at 18 to 28 seconds of the remastered version and at 56 second to 1:05 minutes of the song, it has extra melodies that the nes doesn't have which make is sweet, better, less repetitive, and lengthier.  cool. B)  didn't know that until now.
on that link's page, it show a link to the pny store website that show the cost of their products and it did show pny 1 TB ssd with heatsink costing $239.99 and $459.99 for the 2 TB version.  the versions without heatsink cost $229.99 for the 1 TB version and $449.99 for the 2 TB version.

Here is the link:

sorry i didn't post the pny website link because i don't feel like advertising it on my first thread post.  anyway, that its expensive for the 1 and 2 TB versions.  probably in 5 years from now, it will cost much less and has higher storage capacity and possibly faster read and write speed than what is currently available now too.
That is insane. I wonder how much that's gonna cost. I have to build a new computer at some point. My computer is a decade old and is barely able to handle HD video editing on the program I'm using. I'm using Shotcut which is good. But I'd rather use DaVinci Resolve (I went to college for film production and it's a more advanced program I'm more comfortable with) which my computer absolutely can not handle lol. My laptop is newer and also barely handles DaVinci.

PNY announces the launch of XLR8 CS3140 M.2 NVMe Gen4 x4 Solid State Drive, the “CS3140”, delivering speeds never seen before. PNY’s quest to continuously deliver cutting-edge technology for the most demanding applications has led to the development of the company’s fastest M.2 NVMe SSD yet. The CS3140 sets new standards that enable 4K and 8K content creators, high-intensive application users, gamers, and others to experience a whole new level of speed, performance, and productivity.

Optimized for the latest NVMe Gen 4.0 protocol, which continues to gain adoption from motherboard manufacturers and users, the CS3140 delivers outstanding sequential speeds of up to 7,500MB/s read and up to 6,850MB/s write speeds, redefining possibilities and paving the road to a whole new world of content creation, gaming, and so much more.

Raw performance is not the only focus with the CS3140. Utilizing a 12-nanometer manufacturing process, it also delivers greater power efficiency, which is critical for both desktop and laptop applications, enabling the drive to deliver greater performance while generating less heat; allowing desktops to run cooler and laptops to have longer battery lives.

The CS3140 is available in two versions: a non-heatsink version for laptops and desktops with space constraints and a version with a 45-gram extruded aluminum heatsink responsible for absorbing and dissipating some of the heat produced by such fast speeds, high-intensive applications, and sustained workloads. Eight individual vertical fins provide a larger heatsink surface area while optimizing airflow and heat dissipation...

...Lower power consumption that results in greater energy efficiency
Greater endurance due to the drive’s ability to withstand extreme conditions and to retain data even when dropped

Product Specifications:

PNY XLR8 CS3140 M.2 NVMe Gen4 x4 Solid State Drive

PCIe 4.0 interface (NVMe Gen4 x4), supports NVMe 1.4
Form Factor: M.2 2280
Speed: up to 7,500MB/s Read and up to 6,850MB/s1 Write (vary by model)
Capacities: 1TB and 2TB2
Warranty: 5 Year


wow.  that is so fast for sequential read speed that it can read as fast as up to 7,500 Mbytes (7.5 GBytes) which is 60 gigabits per second there and write speed up to 6,850 Mbytes (or 6.85 Gbytes) or 54.8 Gbps.  how technology has advanced.
Happy Birthday board / Happy Birthday Coredweller
« Last post by Paul2 on February 07, 2021, 01:51:03 PM »

:hb: Happy Birthday Coredweller. :hb:

i posted 3 songs instead of the usual 2 because i couldn't find the game over 2 theme of smb 1 on the snes remastered version.  maybe there is no game over 2 theme on the remastered version.  so i might as well added 2 more songs here, one in nes version and one in snes version.  i think the original nes version of the song into the tunnel sounds better overall than the snes version as it hit wider range of keys i think while the snes version is flatter but has better instrumentations.
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